06 September 2011

Busy Bee, Steady Buzzing

[Last days of summer; On the bridge to Vilano Beach, Saint Augustine, Florida]

Whewie, how quickly the busiest time of the year has come. Well, maybe it took lightyears to GET here; but now that it's finally arrived, it's moving along in the blink of an eye!

There are so many different occasions that are coming up, very soon. Papa's literally days away from turning the big 2-1. Then after that, he'll be packing up the Vue and moving on over here to be with us in Saint Augustine. Then we have to make the three hour trip back to Tampa on the 22nd for his police academy graduation and have a big ol' get together with friends, to celebrate.

Then just a hop, skip and a step away, we'll be welcoming October into the picture. It'll bring with it only the COOLEST holiday of the year (Halloween; Kiri's already decided to be a pirate again!) and a visit to the Northwest part of Florida to celebrate sweet Megan's daughter (Scarlett)'s third birthday.

Directly after that comes November. My favorite month of the year. The 3rd being mine and Papa's fifth anniversary (I still can't believe we've been together for five whole years!), the 11th is Kiri's third (Yes, THIRD!) birthday and finally Thanksgiving at the end of the month, which'll bring my sister, brother and his fiancee back into town.

Last but certainly not least, December! I already know the whole month'll be chock full of gift-shopping, gift-buying, gift-wrapping and planning our humungous Christmas Eve dinner. Not to mention, Saint Augustine's fabulous Winter Wonderland/Nights of Lights celebration downtown AND of course, baking up a storm so that Santa will feel just at home when he plops down that chimney; OR in our case, through the front door.

That, mixed with heavy coats, boots, scarves and hot cocoa. Mother Nature, send that cool season my way, please. Au revior, sweet summer time. I'm so ready for winter.

Happy Tuesday

Such a mellow morning. So here, in our humble abode, we're snuggled up, still in our jammies, perusing the brand spanking new Ikea catalogue, planning redecorating projects and about a thousand different ways to rack up our credit card bills.

Hope your Tuesday's just as lovely.

05 September 2011

A Very Nice Surprise

Who would have thought that when I went to sleep Friday night, all lonely and stuffed up, that I’d wake up bright and early Saturday morning to a kiss on the forehead from my sweet husband?! Because honestly, I had no idea he was free for the weekend; let alone that he’d be visiting us! Never thought I’d see the day where I’d hop out of bed so fast—and so caffeine-less.

It was quite a shame that I had to work every day this weekend. I had hoped that since Papa was here, we could mosey our way downtown and see the sights. Or hop on over to Anastasia Island and do some peeking around at the tiny shops. BUT YOU KNOW, since Mother Nature (and my boss) had their own plans, I was hidden behind a check-in desk all three days. No big deal though! Kiri got her loves in the day time and I got mine from eleven on. Wink.

I’m just thankful he was able to be around. And that he was getting his work transfer and moving stuff out of the way. Our little apartment has never felt more like home; ACU’s, dirty socks and all. No matter the flaw, I miss it to pieces.
P.S. The photos were taken upon waking up Saturday morning. Can we talk about how stinkin' cute they are?! Seriously.

01 September 2011

Sweet September

Welcome, welcome, ninth month of the year. Oh, how long we have waited for your presence to be known. Your tiny array of thirty days brings an abundance of joy to our family and we're anxious to get chuggin' along. Not only does Papa graduate from the police academy two weeks from today, but he's also joining us in our new little town, and we can FINALLY be a family again.

We have so many plans for you, Sir. Farmers market runs, last minute beach trips, vacations, taking advantage of whatever else Summer plans to take with it when it leaves 'till next year. I promise not to neglect the fact that you're giving us everything we've been waiting for for so long. 

We're just so glad you're here.

Paris, France

Everyday, upon seeing my painting, Kiri asks, "Can we go there, Mommy? To the Eiffel Tower?"

And every day I answer the same little answer, "With you, little girl, I'd go anywhere."

And I really, honestly, would. 

We Heart You


With love.

Little Reader