27 October 2011

Smiles For Miles

I'm so unbelievably grateful that Robert and I have wonderful jobs and bosses that are awesome enough to give us the same days off in a week, so that our little family of three can spend time together. For them to take into account that we both do schooling part time, work full time and nurse a monthly impromptu drill session 300 miles away and actually go out of our way to accomodate us is so fantastic! I was horribly afraid once I moved here and started working, that with Papa's rigorous schedule, that we'd never see each other. BUT! It's been the complete opposite. As a matter of fact, since he moved here three and a half weeks ago, we've had the exact same, (if not closely resembled) schedules. If I could show my extreme gratitude, I'd be thanking them all until I'm fifty! Nevertheless, I'll settle for some pretty snazzy DIY Christmas gifts!

In the meantime, I enjoy our family dates. So far, we've canvased Target 100 times, gone to about a dozen parks, power shopped two name-brand outlet malls, walked countless miles during our family-walks and even enjoyed many hours of Papa's famous Mama-Papa one on one workout nights. I love it so much that we're able to do little things like that.

Oh, and did I mention that both our bosses gave us Halloween night off, so that we could take our monkey (yes, Punky's a monkey!) trick-or-treating?! Told ya they were awesome. SCHWING.

26 October 2011

Party a la France.

Kiri's THIRD birthday e-vite. Yes, I'm the 'too busy to make homemade invitations, so I revert to my super awesome web design skills to make them online' kind of mama. 

Nevertheless, her party is going to be wonderful. Homemade 'Eiffel Tower' topped birthday cake, Parisian inspired pastries and treats and (like it says above) a day-long VIP tour of Saint Augustine with Kiri as a tour guide. I AM EXCITED.

Email me if you'd like one.

23 October 2011

Welcome, Autumn, Welcome

As Fall progresses; the changing leaves and nippy chill in the air prove that life moves way too fast to waste a single moment. This little girl, like the foliage, is growing at a rapid speed. One minute she's a small babe and a blink of an eye later, she's a whole other child. Smart, sweet and sassy, even. I still, almost three years later, cannot believe that she's mine. My perfect little monkey.

So here's to another beautiful, pumpkin picking, apple cider making, dutch apple pie eating Autumn season.


21 October 2011

Hey There, Dollface

Have you ever truly sat down and looked at a photo (or two, or three....)? Simply looking at that particular thing can send you into a whirlwind of emotions all at once. That is me at the moment. This girl, this tiny being, is just under a month away from turning three. THREE. Meaning she's been a part of my life for thirty-six months. Just about eleven hundred of the sweetest, most wonderful days. 

And now, as I photograph her sweet face everyday, admiring her growth and imagination from behind a lens; I secretly fall apart inside at the reality that she is no longer my baby. 

Sniffle, sniffle, sigh.

19 October 2011

17 October 2011

No Longer Hibernating

Mama Bear is out! Feeling sunshine-y, happy and beautiful as ever. I'm changing, so rapidly and I'm excited to show the world just how much better I've been feeling since coming here. 

On another note, I've been asked a lot lately what inspired me to finally break the chain that held me to Tumblr for the past two years and it was a cumulation of things. Fear, hate, hurt, maturity. And to be honest, I just grew out of it. 

So here I am, raw as ever, ready to let the love burst outta my heart and overflow onto my blog. 


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