02 April 2012

Dear April

Dear April,
Though we just met, I can already tell you’re going to be a month full of changes. Some good, some bad; but nevertheless, I feel them coming. This past month started out great, but ended like a train wreck. What I once considered stability, crumbled beneath my feet, leaving behind cracks in the surface that The Grand Canyon would be jealous of. I can’t tell you the level of disappointment I’m feeling, in people and in places. Though I’m not quite ready to divulge into details about why the third month and I decided to end things on bad terms, and I probably never will, just know that it was enough to send this newly-tough mama into a whirlwind of emotions and made me take a closer look into what I want to do with my life. Because anything/anyone/any place that doesn’t realize that I’m a mama FIRST, should be dislocated from my life without hesitation. End of story.
All in all, this year has been great. I haven’t a single complaint (besides this one) so far and I’m optimistic that things’ll only get better from here. March, I bid you adieu and plan to sweep any recollection of the last four days under the rug. But I do promise one thing, I won’t let it bring me down. I’m going to put my big girl shoes on and remind you who is in charge here.
Oh, sweet fourth month of the year, while you’re bringing sunny days, chirping birds and flowers galore, please remember one thing. Take it easy on me. I’ve been knocked down, pushed back and dragged through the shit pile of life. All I ask is that you treat me fairly. I don’t mind working hard or trying new things, but I do expect to get rewarded for the things I do right. Because I am worth it.
Yours truly,


  1. Anonymous05:31

    I'm sorry to hear that! :( I hope things start looking up for you mama and if you ever need a friend I'm here. xoxo

    1. You are SO SO SO sweet, Dee! I actually just started writing your pen pal letter yesterday. BUT! I didn't even realize I had written so much until my hand started to cramp. I looked down and counted EIGHT pages......and I wasn't even done! -.- Leave it to me to ramble FOREVER! Haha. XOXO

    2. Anonymous08:50

      I cannot wait to read it and respond & no worries I AM THE SAME WAY! Once I start going I can't stop!!!!

      P.s. I nominated you for an award check it out at the blog :)