16 June 2011

See Ya Later, Alligator.

On Monday, Papa and I made it a point to take Punky to one of the most talked about ‘kid-friendly’ attractions in town—The Saint Augustine Alligator Farm. It was quite crazy to me, seeing the plethora of sharp toothed beasts—and being so close, for that matter!

Not for Punky though! She was right up in there, nose-to-glass with excitement! Talking to the alligators, singing them songs, I couldn’t believe how comfortable she was around them; especially since she had such a, well, disliking for dinosaurs when she was a tot. Yet there she was---all giggles.

While we were there, we caught a show where the zoo-keeper was feeding the ‘gators. What a hoot it was for Punky!  All the way home, she was going on and on about how the alligators ate strawberry-flavored rats and how she too liked strawberries!  

We stayed until the park was closing down, and let’s just say that leaving them didn’t sit well with Punks. She threw a big fit, crying, kicking, screaming, the works. After explaining to her that we were late for a dinner reservation, she finally (willingly) bid her reptilian friends adieu, insisted on taking an alligator tooth home and off we went. Sniffle, sniffle, sigh and all.


  1. Wow. I'm not a big fan of gators. Not sure how my daughter would feel, but my son would probably love them. He digs crocodiles. Cute pics.

  2. Oh my gosh, those photos are awesome! We went to a croc farm in Cuba a couple years ago.. it was brilliant!

  3. Anonymous18:15

    I've been to St. Augustine! Back when I lived in Florida... I'm sad I missed out on this though!!! Looks like a blast! :o) I think we only went to the Fountain of Youth. I regret drinking that water, too. Tasted a little funky. ;o) You ever visited there?

    Sarah Kate