09 June 2011

A Title Worth Having.

I would like to introduce my godson, Grayden Lee Gordon, little one to my dearest friend and mommy blogger, Virginia.

Six years ago, I met a girl, two years my junior. She was a fourteen year old redheaded high school freshman, first year JROTC cadet, my first shot at leadership in what I hoped to be a successful entry into the Army. I was her teacher, and boy, did I teach. She was about the most uncoordinated and klutzy girl in the world, so it took a lot of my time trying to teach her even the simplest of military movements. She looked up to me, and it made me feel good to be able to be there for her as well. The following year, little Miss Smarty Pants made it into third year Spanish, which I just happened to be taking and we instantly hit it off. We talked about boys, friends, drama, anything. It was like we had known each other for years. Yes, there were times where we fought. There were times when she annoyed the hell out of me---but hey, what are sisters for, right? 

Wink, Wink.

Fast forward five years and what do you get? Well, the exact same thing. Only this time, I’m an Army wife and mama to a toddler and she’s an Air Force wife and mama to their first little babe. It felt just like old times when she told me she was expecting her son and when she came to me for advice. Even after knowing each other for six years, I still get flattered when this lady can trust me, wholeheartedly, with her life choices. And even after all this time, all the drama and all the friends who’ve fallen into the wayside---this girl still remains by my side; even though she’s since moved three thousand miles away, across the country. There’s a special place in my heart for this girl, and there always will be. And when she got married to her mister and had her little one, that love proceeded to grow as they became a part of my family as well.  

So when we were texting last night and she asked Papa and I to be her son’s godparents, I was undeniably touched (again!) by her. It’s such a joy to be a part of any child’s life, but when you’re asked to do something as wonderful as become a godparent, it’s the biggest honor imaginable. Honestly. Because even though I know she loves all her friends, she chose me. She trusts me enough to have that special connection with her son. And that gives me so much happiness, even though if she had chosen someone else, I still would have loved Gray unconditionally. This, this honor, just makes that love that much sweeter. That girl is going to make my heart explode, you know.

And after almost three years of not even considering anyone worthy enough of being a godparent to my own child, if she (and her Mister) would reciprocate, I'd truly, honestly, be the luckiest lady in the world.

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