25 July 2011

For the love of Independence.

Our fourth of July was a wonderful one. My parents and I planned a beach getaway for the family, beating the hype of the downtown fireworks show to watch them over the skyline instead. along with my brother Scotty, his girlfriend Jennifer and fellow soldier, Church.

We made our way to Vilano Beach, an island nestled on the corner of Saint Augustine and enjoyed barbecued food, football and more laughs than you could imagine!

 Papa came over from Tampa to visit--

 --along with my brother Scotty and his girlfriend, Jennifer.

Kiri enjoyed playing in the sand and making castles on the coastline.

and we even buried my sister Morgan beneath a mound of beach sand...all in good fun of course.

If you know anything about my family, you know we're a football-watchin', football playin' clan.

That is, until the boys decided it was time to play a round of tackle-football. Bumps, bruises and concussions? No thank you.

The water was so warm and foamy.

and the sand made for a nice shelter.

Punky kept stating that it was "Kiwi's Fort".

I really hope that it’s as great a holiday next year as it was this one. Because frankly, my heart’s STILL melting over how sugary sweet it was. Honestly.

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