31 July 2011

A Night of Papa.

 After secretly selling his Warped Tour concert tickets, Papa decided to make the two hundred mile trip over here to see us for the weekend! Had I known well in advance, I would have taken the time off of work and wouldn’t have stayed on schedule all weekend long. But it sort of worked out better this way anyway, considering Kiri and her Daddy got to spend some really nice (and adorable!) time together, one on one.

On his last night here, Kiri wanted to show him her favorite part of town, the little park on ‘Main Street’. (Yes, the same little park I posted about a couple of days ago!) So we picnicked there and talked until it almost got dark. Kiri had a blast showing him around like she was queen of the playground or a tour guide or something. Papa made it a point to swing her like there was no tomorrow. And boy, did she love it! 

Ninny even got to join in on the fun!

Afterwards, Papa surprised her with a trip on the most prized “toy” of all…the merry-go-round. And she was smiling from ear to ear the whole time.

It really was a wonderful night. Too bad he had to go back to Tampa the next day. But that’s alright, not too long before they can become permanent.



  1. they both Kiri and Ninny are such cuties!

  2. adorable. What a sweet dad!