27 April 2011

Easter in our Neck of the Woods.

Easter Sunday was a good one, we spent the day at my parents’ house for a little get-together partially for the holiday (we’re not big on holidays other than Christmas and Thanksgiving) and also in celebration of the exciting news that my brother, Punky’s Uncle Scotty, is on his way home from his deployment in Afghanistan!

She spent the entire morning lap bound, posed and being tinkered around with so that everyone could get a chance to be photographed with her. Yes, she’s really THAT cute.

After that, she went on a mini-egg hunt, searching for all of the Easter Bunny’s “missing eggs” that he dropped while delivering her basket full of goodies the night before. She was able to round up all the colorful little things and “set them aside for Mr. Bunny” or so she said.

Didn’t take long for her to discover they held secret candy compartments and once the cat was out of the bag, candy to mouth was inevitable. And boy did she enjoy that! Notice her chocolate covered face?

After all was said and done, it was SO hot out that we decided to let her run through the sprinklers and get her “cool” on. I’ve never seen a child more entranced by something so simple as water and a hose. I guess what they say is true. It is the little things that make the most difference. And I love every second of it.


  1. congrats on your brother coming home, that's so stinkin' exciting! Glad y'all had a great easter!


  2. Awww she is such a sweetie. :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. xo to you lovely ladies and thank you for the sweet comments!