23 April 2011

In the Buff Saturday's.

Saturday mornings are my absolute favorite days of the week.  Bop’s always at school and Punky usually sleeps in late, which gives me the perfect “quiet” time to relax, reflect on things and run around (our part) of the house completely nude, (Yes, my in-laws are currently living with us! But we’ll be moving soon, so it’s not a big deal, I promise). Now, I’m not saying I love seeing myself naked, as my body image (and post-baby body) are still a work in progress, but it feels good to lounge around in nothing but a bra and panties, just a tee or even completely naked after a cool shower. Up before the crack of dawn, low-light Ikea table lamp on, incense burning, coffee/tea in one hand and a book in the other; silence all around me? I yearn for this day all week; my morning, my time, my own little slice of heaven.

This Saturday morning was especially quiet. Bop left early for school to study for a test, Punky spent the night at her grandmother’s and I awoke extra early to make sure Bop’s departure went extra smoothly…(translation: I was his personal alarm clock and in return, he was our chef!) After reading my new issue of Real Simple Magazine, which always leaves me inspired, I wanted to start a weekly blog entry that’s dedicated to the raw, natural part of me. Upon reading a good friend of mine, Megan’s recent blog post, I really became aware that I’m not the only person who hides behind an only half-true façade of who I really am as a person. I’m full of flaws, bad habits and screw ups just like the rest of you. And a lot of them, I’m completely ashamed of. But in order to not make this blog a repeat of my last, which is the main reason why I started it in the first place, I’m need to bare all emotionally and be less guarded; embracing the fact that I’m not perfect, by any means. So why hide it? Why not show the world exactly who I am, fiber by fiber, with a smiling face and the utmost pride?

That’s why I want to dedicate a special part of my blog to being 100% real and open with my readers, (whom I appreciate so much). Like my raw, au naturale attitude each Saturday morning, ‘In the Buff’ will be an up-close and personal view on what I'm really like, sans all the polished effects and "clothing" barrier. To do this, I'll post a  regular entry each week by listing a different flaw or fault of mine, in depth. It’s gonna be a humongous struggle for me to tear the walls down and let you ladies into the most honest but well-hidden areas of who I am. But I’m willing to go there if it means connecting with my true self and my readers all at the same time. I may find the time to put together a post today, if not, I'll just wait until next Saturday to start. Thanks for the support and be on the lookout!


  1. Letting your true self out is hard but it is so much better than always hiding behind a mask you know.

    BTW I love your Saturday morning rituals, it's always nice to have that "me" time =)

  2. Love this post!

  3. I am looking forward to these posts! Saturday mornings are one of my favorites, too. Bruce works and Penelope sleeps. Perfect mama time :)