20 April 2011

Parenting Debate: Public or Private?

 Lately, the topic of debate between Bop and I has been whether or not we should put Punky in public school or a private academy once we move to Saint Augustine.
Now, we both know that she won’t be starting school for another couple of years, but let’s be realistic y’all; the waiting lists on private schools are daunting! Some of them go as far back as two years. Two whole years! Just to get your Little a good education! That’s crazy, right?!

Now, I’m not saying that Bop doesn’t agree with me on paying for Punky to go to a special school. He just likes to know the pros and cons of each, especially what the differences will be between the public and private elementary schools, since he’ll be paying a couple thousand dollars (or more) out of pocket. And I don’t blame him. Really, I don’t.

I just feel very strongly about not putting her into public school. Considering the experiences I had in school: bomb threats, fights, bullets found in the bathrooms, knives and such being brought into class, (And this was in a rural area, mind you!) On top of that, have you read some of the crazy things going on with kids in school these days? One SIX year old brought a gun to school and shot his Student Resource Officer! Another, only TEN, was said to be so socially tormented that after getting in trouble at home and being sent on a time-out in his room, he strangled himself with a cord! I mean, c’mon, that’s truly unbelievable and frankly, a bit scary to me. So think about the effect it would have on a child. There’s no way I’m gonna let my wee one have anything to do with that!

Originally I wanted to homeschool Punks myself, to sort of ensure her learning in a more intimate and personal setting. However, I have since started college, I’ll probably pursue a career or even if I don’t end up using my educational credentials, I still have a few snazzy ideas involving a home business and A LOT of sewing. So I’m gonna be a busy mama! And if I am, I want her to get a great education from a great place; even if it’s a little pricy.  ‘Cause, after all, she IS worth every penny.

So, what are you guys’ thoughts on the matter? Do you agree that school is school, no matter where you go? Or do you think that giving your child a paid education (or homeschooling) is worth the price tag?


  1. Neither! ;) Look into Charter Schools, they're like a "nature, outdoorsy-private school" without the Religion aspect. It's totally perfect! :D

  2. Megan, good idea! Thank you so much for the good advice, as usual! ;)

  3. I am not a parent, but plan on being one one day. My husband and I have talked about this issue a lot and although he is adamant about putting our kids in public school, I think you should take every child and their needs separate from any other children, and sometimes even from what you as the parent want. I've always been in the public school system, but had friends in a private Christian school and a lot of them were worse off than anyone at my public high school. Everyone and every school is different, but I don't necessarily think that a paid education/private school=totally safe and sheltered environment! I'm totally scared for what schools/society will be like once we have kids old enough to be in school and make their own friends. Yikes! Anyway, I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, but it has definitely been on my brain once in a while! I know you'll be able to figure out what is best for you and your little cutie!

  4. For me, it would depend on the quality of schools in the surrounding area. I can't have much say on how schools are here in the US (public ones) since my dad was in the Navy and I grew up overseas, which enabled me to go to schools on base.

    For us, if the schools in the surrounding area are not of quality, I would not mind paying the extra money for a private school, if it was any better. I say this because sadly private schools also have incidents of bullying, fights, etc (I got this from one of my friends who attended a private school here in the US).

    It will all just come down to choice and preferences. Many private schools offer scholarships and grants, I'm sure your little one will get one :)

  5. The fact that my daughter is almost 7 and has been in public school since she was 4 does scare me. Also tomorrow I have to go and sign my son up for kindergarten. Now, I always went to a public school, always. My mom actually home schooled my sister & older brother for about a year, while they were in high school.

    The thing is for me, as much as I want my kids to have a wonderful education and for them to be safe, no matter what. I just can't afford to do anything else. Not until Kris is done with school and has his career going. So for now, I have been taking precautions with what school my children go to and I am very active with them at the school. Cause, if you recall at Kali's old school we had the bully issue, and one other issue. The new school I have found to be very very good. The whole school is completely locked all around including gates from the time school starts til school is out.

    So at least if they are going to be in public schools make sure to check ALL the schools around and see what they do as far as precautions and safety.

  6. Anonymous14:59

    it really depends on your area and the school. i personally couldn't do homeschooling unless it was my only option... i just don't have the patience for it... i grew up and still live in NYC and it's not as tough as people make it out to be... as a whole the system is pretty good like another school system you have your good apples and bad ones. just make sure you do all your reasearch and if it doesn't work out i'm sure you can find a great public school.

  7. Thanks to all of you lovely ladies for your wonderful insight. Each and every one of you offer different, yet all around good points.

    Nicole, I know exactly what you mean. And poor little Kali, she's so cute and sweet, I don't know how ANYONE could ever bully her. But because of situations like that, I'm terrified of the public school system. Kiri is so gentle and kind, I don't know what I'd ever do if she was bullied by someone.


  8. I love this post, because we're at the same place. Private schools seem too expensive for us right now unless Penelope could get scholarships. I went to a private school for preschool and kindergarten, and it was the best experience of my life. I was reading and writing before everyone at public schools and we did a lot of nature walks. I wanted to homeschool, but honestly the thought of being able to work and bring in extra income sounds really good. I sort of thought about sending her to a private or public school for a couple years for her to socialize with other kids, and homeschool later before she hits her tough years (7th grade was HORRIBLE for me) and the bullying gets really bad. I guess we'll see what happens, but Kiri is already SO smart I think she would do good anywhere. Can't wait to see what you guys decide.

  9. Kate! First of all, I had no idea you had another blog! [Instant follow] Second, as usual, we relate to each other to the enth degree! My worst year was also seventh grade! As I was skinny as a rail and underdeveloped in the chest region! Haha. Much love to you & Miss Penny!

  10. I think it depends on the school itself- I would look at it less as a private vs. public matter and see where she'll have the most opportunity and learning experience- where will be the best fit for her and her personality!