25 March 2012

My Mind

  •  I’m thinking of starting a collection jar, so that I can raise money to put Kiri in the private Montessori School up the road from my house. It’s a fabulous school in an A+ district with the best teachers in the area. Only downside – its $6500 per year! Even with our FOUR incomes, I still cannot afford $500+ per month. Even though I believe that it’s entirely worth it! I was thinking also about trying to qualify for a loan, to put Kiri through Pre-K and Kindergarten and then just put her in the free Public Montessori School come first grade, (they prefer applicants with prior Montessori learning experience!)  but with over $20,000 in car loans plus Bop’s $5000 in school loans and thensome, it might be particularly hard to obtain at this point. Kicking and screaming, I am! But I will find a way to make it work! I promise.
  • I think I’m becoming WAY too addicted to coffee. I absolutely cannot get out of bed without drinking an entire cup. Then I can peel myself out of bed, drinking another cup on the way to the bathroom. Then, on my way out the door, I fill my travel mug with another two cups. That’s FOUR cups in the morning alone! I know I’m taking in too much caffeine because my pee is dark, I’m unbelievably exhausted by 3pm and my hair has started to feel like straw! Also, I should probably be drinking more water.
  • I need to start working out and doing yoga again! I seriously tell myself the same thing every day, but never actually go through with it! It’s just that (like I said above) come 3pm, I’m so tired and just want to eat and relax. But I need to do it! Maybe wake up a little earlier in the morning, meditate and do 15 or 20 minutes of yoga - drink a cup of tea and listen to some music? Then go for a walk after I get home from work. Kiri would love getting out of the house; plus there’s just something about being outside around nature that really relaxes you and instantly bumps up your energy level at the same time. Then I can finish the day of with either 30 minutes of hard cardio (on our busy days or early mornings!) or an hour long circuit (arms, legs and cardio!)
  • I’d like to point out the fact that I am OBSESSED with Morningstar & Boca products. Since becoming vegetarian, I have had to try new products and become a little more open minded and I’m so glad I have! My favorites are the tomato bruschetta burger and California turkey burger! Super yum!
  • Though we love our apartment to pieces, Bop and I were thinking about upgrading to a single family home when our lease is up in August. I’d love to have a little more privacy, plus room for a playground in the backyard. It stinks having to walk down a flight of stairs just to be able to feel the fresh beachy air. Also, I’d appreciate not having my downstairs neighbors knock on the roof every time  I run my dishwasher! I just hate that the rental market in Saint Augustine is so competitive. A lot of owners/landlords are more interested in vacation renting their homes, as opposed to leasing them. We may, if we do decide to move, have to leave the core of Saint Augustine and I don’t really think I want to do that. We’ll see though.
  • Truth be told, I kind of miss my inverted bob. Since summer is really starting to show, it’s getting hotter and more humid here and its wreaking havoc on my hair. It’s too thick for 80-90 degrees! I’m thinking of chopping my locks off, though nowhere near as short as they were in 2009. I’m considering trying a longer version, past the nape of the neck with some layers. Just to snip off some of the hideous dead ends I’ve come to have. Thoughts?
  •  Can I just mention how ridiculously excited I am about going back to Cape Cod this summer? OH. MY. GOD. I haven’t visited my family and friends in five years, so I think we’re a little over due. Plus, I’m sure they’d love to finally meet my husband and daughter! {Even though Bop will not be able to join me this summer because of his Army duties! But he will be able to spend two weeks at Christmas time! Yay!} I can’t wait to collect seashells, visit Martha’s Vineyard, take Kiri to the Woods Hole Aquarium and ride beach cruisers and find horseshoe crabs on Menahaunt Beach, just like I did when I was a kid! That, along with boat riding, camping and going to the Barnstable County Fair? WHAT COULD BE BETTER? Those will be the best two weeks of the year – hands down!

I realize this post has been all over the place, but you know, that’s just how my mind has been lately! How have all of you wonderful readers been over the past few weeks? Hopefully as wonderful as ever!
Take care.


  1. Anonymous07:08

    I love the hair idea! You can pull totes pull it off! As for coming back up here this summer, HOW EXCITING! I would say lets meet up but I can only imagine how packed full of events those two weeks already are! I am so happy for you!

    1. Meeting you & A would be AWESOME!!! The closer it gets, we'll make some plans! i just have to figure out the deets first. :D