20 March 2012

A Zoo-riffic Adventure

I can't stress to y'all how much family time has meant to us lately. These past few weeks have literally flown by, because we've been so focused on working and each other; little else included. My husband and I have made it a point to spend these days together, ones that are few and far between, because life (as we've recently learned) has no intention of slowing down; whether or not we want it to. Don't get me wrong, working hard and making a stable life is important. We know that. But what's more important is ensuring that we, and our daughter, live life to the fullest and love with every square inch of our hearts. Laughing is as essential to life as water or food is. For it is nourishment for our souls. This is why we have chosen to make Wednesday our Family Day. Every Wednesday, every week, a new place to visit, new restaurant to try, new memories to make. Life is too short to spend it unhappy or inexperienced.

This week we chose to make the 64 mile trek to the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens, since neither Papa nor Kiri had ever been to one. And I must say, it was a big hit! Brayden came over to play, so we took him with us! We saw giraffes, monkeys, kangaroos and even stingrays! Kiri even came home with a black plush gorilla that she named 'Willow'. Willow and Ninny are brother and sister, reunited at last. They now go everywhere with her. TOO CUTE, I say. Here are a few photographs of our day!

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