20 March 2012

Oh, you know

  • Though I lived in Jacksonville when I was twelve years old, I never really was able to take full advantage of what the city has to offer. Actually, to be honest, I was under the impression it was rather lousy. Much to my surprise, with a little research and a lot of here-say, it's actually become one of my favorite places to be.
  • I've been quite addicted to my Happy Cow app lately. I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago to help find some vegan/vegetarian friendly stores and eateries in the Metro area and my jaw dropped when I noticed how many places there were. I mean, don't get me wrong, Saint Augustine has some pretty swanky vegan, vegetarian and gluten free cafes, (aside from the usual Crispers and Panera Bread),  but they're all pretty pricey. Bop and I were actually talking about going to the Present Moment Cafe in the art district, but again, it's a little on the wallet-tightening side. And it's not quite up to parent + child speed. Hence why the search began. 
  • Kiri has officially started gymnastics. Her first class is tomorrow morning at 9am and I am freaking out. My baby is growing up and it's so hard not to just hog her for myself. But this is what she needs; what she's been asking for. And as her Mama, I have to support her. So, let the tumbling begin. 

I apologize for the tiny bit of randomness. I feel as though it's been SO long since I've blogged regularly, so I'm just a-writin' as it comes to me. Happiest of Tuesdays, all. 

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  1. Anonymous07:14

    Being random all you like, I'm just glad you're posting! :)