17 May 2011

Our Little Garden

Did I mention we decided to grow a garden? 

With the rising price of food cost and my desperate need of a hobby, Papa and I decided to start planting, growing and maintaining a garden place. Not anything too big, considering the fact that we’ll be relocating cross-state in a few months, just something to help cure my throbbing green thumb I’ve had for quite some time. Our plans are to plant a modest garden on the ground below our window, since our window air conditioning units prevent us from making window planter boxes (which is definitely a dream of mine!)

Slowly, we’ve been picking different types of plants up from the market. We’ve got a rose bush, tulips, tomatoes, green peppers and other random things that I’m overly-ecstatic to begin planting! 

On top of the fact that I was looking to use my excessive amount of free time wisely, I also just enjoy getting dirty, knowing that I'm contributing a little bit more to helping mother nature thrive. With that, the silly things like recycling, weeding and composting seem a lot less tedious and a lot more necessary. Besides, I can't wait to feel the enjoyment of coming home to scrumptious curb appeal and a pat on the back for a job well done! 

Wish me luck and lots of happy planting!

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  1. Good luck! I started my first "garden" a flower bed this season and I am loving it!