22 February 2012

Another Year Older.

I turned twenty-three on today. Twenty-three. I can't believe how quickly twenty-two flew by. One moment I was blowing candles in Tampa Bay, mostly unhappy and confused. And the next, I'm plowing my way through life, on a different coast, as a new and stronger woman. 

I'm so very happy with the changes I made this past year. I did things and went to lengths I never thought were possible. I beat my own score and surprised myself with a gift only I could have given me. Courage. I  left  jumped out of my comfort zone, alone, blindly, fingers crossed and hoping for the best. I didn't think I could do it. And when I did do it, I cried. Daily. Hourly. Wanted to every second of the day. I had no one. Nothing. We had lived in our home for two and a half years. After buying the hybrid and paying for Bop's academy training (out of pocket) we didn't have a dime in savings. I was homeless. I was a single mother. No money, no job, no stability. It was numbing. I think that's the moment where I decided to put my comfortability aside and take the step. And look at me now. Twenty-two brought me independence, strength and faith in myself. 

I look forward to seeing the gifts twenty-three has in store for me. Where will I go from here? Who will I meet? What will I see? How will I change? 

Life couldn't possibly get any better, but -oh- new year, prove me wrong. Please, try and prove me wrong. If you dare. To another year...

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