14 December 2011

'Pinterest'-ing Wednesday {v.2}

Ah, it's another lovely Wednesday morning here at our fort. Quite a hump day, to say the least. As this week has been super, unbelievably stressful. BUT! No matter the hurdles, I declare that this week WILL be a good one. In the mean time, here are my top favorites from my pin boards.

For Mama: Oh, the extra mile caffeine has gone for me this week. It's been a little chilly here, so just the warm feeling of the mug in my hands, the yummy French vanilla fragrance lingering through the air...can't tell ya how much I love that stuff! 

For Papa: Robert and I have been going over thoughts of some changes in the upcoming year, one of them being his wardrobe. He'd really like to find more of a 'grown up' look, as opposed to the same 'board shorts and tee shirts' look he's graced for the past six years. Can't say that I wouldn't like seeing him rock dress shirts and blazers!

For Kiri: How stinkin' cute is that elephant?! OH. MY. GOSH. I've been going over different themes for her room; she likes eiffel towers and polka dots, but I like the more calm, natural look. Something less...I don't know, busy. She really seemed to like this though. Maybe we can find a happy medium?

For the Home: You can't NOT find that room so relaxing. Plus, the sweater blanket? Super cute. I need to re-vamp our apartment and you better believe this board has given me some adorable ideas.

For Celebration: Yes. Wedding in the Woods? Natural colors, natural elements, natural light, natural love. My dream.

For Inspiration: Need I say more? 

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  1. Ooooh...LOVE the elephant clock!!