06 December 2011

Teeny Toesies

"Twinkle Twinkle little toes,
Back and forth and curled they go.
Flailing, wailing, all around,
In the air, or on the ground"

Never, in my twenty-two years of life, have I ever adored something more than I do those tiny little phalanges. 'Barney Rubble toes' I call 'em. So small and square shaped....like a complete replica of her Papa's. Seeing them wiggle while she giggles in unison? PERFECT. Just another reason I love her so.
Also, you've probably noticed that I'm still amidst my black and white obsession. I just don't know what it is these days. Kiri looks adorable naturally, but it's just the photos I've been taking in the 'Noir' setting have been flawless. I swear, they won't be going to waste. Each and every one of those photos is going to be put on a beautiful canvas and hung together to form a really cute piece on my wall.
Scouts honor.

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