01 December 2011


For months and months, we planned a -super awesome- birthday party for you. You wanted a 'night time' party, with just a few friends, and during the day, you wanted to "downtown-downtown", as you call it. Lucky for us, the day of your "festivities" was the setup for Saint Augustine's nights of lights celebration. So we got to see a sneak peek of the Christmas tree and all the thousands of lights going up. It really was awesome!

The week prior, we had been walking down King Street to go to the post office and you were entranced by the Wax Museum. So that was our first stop. Papa had us rolling on the floor laughing with the way he talked to the figurines AND because every time he touched one, he broke off a finger or something. After that, we walked along the waterfront, past the Bridge of Lions.

You especially loved the Castillo de San Marco fort this time, even though it didn't interest you in the slightest the past twenty times we've gone. But you know, changing is what my little babe's all about these days. I don't mind it in the least bit though.

Since not a lot of your friends had been to Ripley's you just HAD to show them the eerie grossness of it. And you just HAD to get an airbrush tattoo there as well. Papa made sure he let you know that'd be the last tattoo you'd be getting until you were fifty. You replied with a chuckle and a "You're silly, Daddy!"

We ate at the retro-looking Dairy Queen downtown -again, your birthday, your choice- and you were in heaven. But I bet that's a moment your Auntie Cassie won't forget, since she got sprayed directly in the eye with ketchup and it made her eye balloon up. You thought this was the funniest thing in the world. It kills me how much you see the glass half full all the time....

After lunch, you decided you wanted to burn off your food by playing tag in the park with your friends. Project S.W.I.N.G is the biggest public park Mama's ever seen, so I could just imagine how it looked in your eyes. All I know is that you were out of breath from laughing so hard, the entire time.

Once we got home, other people kept you busy so Mama could set up your party. Whoever thought up the 'Cars 2 and pizza' scheme was right on the money. I didn't hear a peep out of you for an hour and a half!

Upon finishing the setup, you came out to "Paris". I didn't take a lot of pictures, but the whole living room was beautiful. Eiffel towers and glitter galore. Your face absolutely killed me. I knew, in that moment, you were happiest of all. And judging by the amount of presents and sweets, I'm pretty sure I nailed it.

And next year, you want a day-time Italian themed party, fully equipped with mustaches, meatballs and a "Leaning Tower of Pizza". Hm, yeah, I think I could handle that.


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