30 December 2011

Pinterest-ing Wednesday {v.4}

Hey, y'all! I'm a little late, I know! I suck so bad. But you know, with the holidays and family visiting, plus work being so hectic, I haven't had time to rest...even for a millisecond. But as promised, here are my top six pins of the week! Enjoy.

For Mama: This is basically the entirety of my closet, as of late. Over-sized sweaters, tee-shirts and black leggings. I don't know what I'm gonna do once Spring comes! 

For Papa: Oldsmobile forever. 

For Kiri: Super cute Parisian inspired block set. So she can really construct the Eiffel Tower!

For the Home: WANT, WANT, WANT!

For Celebration: Yep, you guessed it. I've started the wedding planning process. Two years in advance. When all I want is a tiny (SIMPLE) beach wedding! 

For Inspiration: I want this photograph framed on my wall! Enough said.

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