31 January 2012

A Life-long Commitment: Our Humble Diet

Since the start of the new year, our diet has been completely, one-hundred percent meatless and a lot healthier. Despite some bad choices lately, (i.e. veggie pizza two nights in a row and calzones loaded with mozzarella and ricotta cheese---those have to be sinful!), we're still feeling better for the most part. And my digestive system is slowly improving. Slowly but surely. And slow is better than I've been getting, believe me!

I've been stuck like glue to the 'Engine 2 Diet' book I bought last week and I find myself frequenting Alicia Silverstone's 'The Kind Diet' blog. I'm so inspired that everything they do/live for, I'm just stuck. I have no idea where to begin. Some of the foods they discuss are so foreign to me.  I hear a lot of you talking about quinoa, spelt and tofu---how do I cook them? If I'm in a rush or on a tight budget one week, how do I get a hold of them? Hence why we've been eating on what seems to be a 3-day repeat. Nevertheless, I'm researching (well, er, googling!) nonstop, trying to come up with not-so fancy-schmancy dinners, but simple and attainable things that my toddler will enjoy. I've found some pretty awesome recipes, like homemade crock-pot vegetable stew and homemade black bean burgers that Bop and I are super excited to try. Things that give us a little nudge of reassurance! WE GOT THIS.

We've also been budgeting a time-schedule for some intense workouts. Now that Papa is working close to 70 hours a week and I'm logging in at the high 40's, we're struggling to find the common hours to devote to being together, never mind heading to the gym! But after sitting down and making up a schedule (kind of like a work one!) we've found 10 available hours a week that are reasonable, do-able and workable. This is exciting. Because every time I step foot in or out of that gym, I know I'm doing a good job. And the feeling I get once I burn some unnecessary post-baby fat is just wonderful.

So here's to a lifelong commitment to a good, whole lifestyle. I plan on working hard to make a positive change in my life. And with some severe dedication and the support from all of you, I know we'll make it.

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  1. hey girly. i know allllll about quinoa. its a staple here. its basically a complete grain. the bet one really as it has EVERYTHING in it that we need. You can buy it at pretty much any grocery store that has a health food or gluten free (GF) section. Our walmart has it in the tiny GF area next to the baking stuff. Its slightly expensive (ok a lil more than slight, at $9) but it lasts a while. You cook it like you would rice and you can use it in place of meat, pasta or rice. It saves well so you can make a bulk batch and then use it throughout the week too. Or if you need to whip something up, it only takes about 10 minutes or so.
    tofu is a good meat replacement although we dont do any soy here (i cant have it due to my endo- and its not good in bulk for anyone since it produces estrogen however in moderation its fine) you can cook it in a variety of ways- grill, sautee, fry,etc. Whatever you cook it in it will take on that flavor so its really a good replacement. I miss eating it because i liked it. Josh not so much but half the time he never realized he ate it and loved it, i think it was just the thought lol.
    Now spelt, idk. Ive heard of it but we havent tried it yet.
    Good luck with the diet....i feel ya on exercising. Between the kids and Josh on field ops its so hard to find the time to go to the gym. Which is why im starting P90x here soon so i wont have to leave the house and can workout while the kiddos are sleeping. so much easier.