04 January 2012



I can't believe how ridiculously cute this kid is behind the lens of a camera! Honestly. 

She got this little thing-a-ma-bob from my mother for Christmas and it's been sitting atop my mantle for weeks. I was a bit apprehensive about letting her trot around with something so (obviously?!) expensive. BUT! She did so well with it! She's been snapping photo after photo, screaming, "Look, Mommy!" or "I'm a phot-am-fer just like you!" Haha. IT KILLS ME. 

I also like that this little tot-friendly gadget is (for the most part) waterproof, spill proof, bang proof and (drum roll, please!) DROP PROOF. So, in the event that she drops or throws it, it will not break. And something that won't be affected by my klutzy offspring? Cue the hallelujahs, immediately. 

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