04 January 2012

Pinterest-ing Wednesday {v.5}

Good morning, all! I hope everyone is having a wonderfully awesome Wednesday morning! I'm enjoying a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of the most amazing tea--(thanks to Tazo's delicious chai version!) Here are my top six pins of the week! 

For Mama: May I just say how flippin' (yes, I said flippin'!) adorable that bathing suit is?! I was lucky enough to snag the one I have from last year from Target, but I think that this year I might dig deep into my pockets and invest in a really cute, hopefully not too expensive one piece. But knowing me, I won't be able to justify spending more than $20 on one for myself, so I'll just settle with another Target clearance find. Such is my life.

For Papa: This photograph just screams cute. There's something about a man with tattoos and parenting that just gives me the smiles. Now, most of you know that Robert has yet to get any ink, BUT! He will be soon. So yes, this would apply to him. 

For Kiri: On-going 'Kiwi's Room' design inspiration. I'll never find the perfect one. But I'll forever find ones to add together for her perfect little corner of our apartment. 

For the Home: I'm in such desperate need for storage solutions, it's pitiful. I'm just in shock at how terrible I've been adapting to life in an apartment. Maybe it's that I'm used to having an outdoor shed and being able to put up a linen closet wherever I wanted to, but seriously, having to give up my sectional AND my pantry too? It's killing me. Send some pointers my way, people! 

For Celebration: Now that Fort Sawyer's officially vegetarian, we're also gonna need a flood of recipes to keep us fed every day. I need books, websites, apps and basically anything y'all can manage to get your hands on and send my way. Now that I'm a working lady and can't spend half my day preparing meals, I need some sort of guidance on how to stay healthy.

For Inspiration: LIKE A LADY. Forever.

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