27 January 2012

One Week Clean-Eating Challenge

After performing my daily read on Miss Danielle's blog, I came across this little post about the 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge and I thought it was great! As most of you know, we've just recently switched to a healthier diet (which we plan to progress to vegan soon!) and this would definitely jump start the process. It's nothing too drastic, just seven days of pure, earth-grown fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.

Join me on making it a deliciously healthy week?


  1. What a great plan - enjoy! xo

    1. Thanks Mama Brooke! I'm super excited!

  2. How'd you end up doing on this?

  3. I KILLED IT! As usual! That's what makes me so passionate about being healthy! Not only is it easyyy, but it's so good for you! I've actually been meaning to write a post about it - thanks for the reminder! xo

  4. Great job girl, very proud of you!!