26 January 2012

Pinterest-ing Wednesday {v.7}

Hola, blogging world! I know I'm a bit behind on my pinning, but that's because everyone at my work was taking their vacations this week, so this mama was covering and covering and covering all the left over shifts. But I'm back! And with good news. My pin boards have expanded! Now I have eight boards for you to peek at! I told y'all, I just love Pinterest too much. Here are my top EIGHT pins of the week! Enjoy.

For Mama: Yep, you guessed it. Bikini season is coming up quickly, so I'm in full gear towards a smaller midsection. Though I'm not the bikini type, I'd still like to rock a cute little one piece. I'm sure you ladies can relate.

For Papa: He's been wearing long sleeve dress shirts on the daily. He knows how much I love a nice, clean cut, freshly shaven man in jeans and a dress shirt. And I know how much he loves that I love it too.

For Kiri: I really can't wait to buy another sewing machine and get to making her some clothing. Since, you know, I spend way too much money at the local boutiques for her ever-changing (and ever-stained) clothing.

For The Home: Crisp white sheets. I want, I want, I want. I was always afraid of spending so much money on white bedding because we were co-sleeping and I didn't want Kiri to dirty them, but now that she's in her own room, I'd like to invest in some. Any thoughts?

NEW! For Cooking: Since choosing to go vegetarian, I thought it'd be a neat idea to start a board that pins all types of recipes and such. That way I can find some neat little websites and online cookbooks. And I have! This recipe for making homemade pickles? Perfection.

For Celebration: As most of you know, Valentine's Day is right around the corner! I love this holiday, especially since it falls just a week before my birthday, but also because it's a chance to do something special and show off homemade gift-making skills. Kiri and I are planning on making 24 homemade, handmade V-Day cards for our closest family and friends. Email me at fortsawyer@gmail.com if you'd like one! 

NEW! For Travelling: Will always be home to me! And I can't wait to head here for two weeks in June! 

For Inspiration: What's not inspirational about a classic-style Volkswagen?! [I mean, really!]

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