25 January 2012

New Read, Better Life

After watching the movie 'Forks Over Knives', I was made more aware of the fact that some of my medical and physical conditions may in fact be the result of the toxins I'm putting in my body, so I decided to make a change and try vegetariansim (which will progressively turn into veganism). I'm tired of the stomach pains, the chronic fatigue and the depression. I want better for myself and for my little family. So, we decided that in 2012, we were going to omit meat from our diet.

Today is Day 25, and I feel amazing. I don't drink as much coffee (I'm currently making the switch to Tazo tea!), I'm up earlier in the day and I don't have the massive cramps and bathroom (or not-bathroom) issues. While I watched the 'Forks Over Knives' movie, Rip Esselstyn's testimonial really touched me. For the past three years, I've been begging Robert to join me on a plant-based diet, but have always been unsuccessful because a) his mother lived with us & she was a "cook-a-meal-for-20-when-there-is-only-four-of-us" kind of Italian woman and b) I couldn't find any solid proof that you could be a man, not eat meat and still gain muscle. Not anymore though. With the Engine 2 Diet, this man proved the opposite.

I was super bummed that I had to work last week when he was due to visit Whole Foods-Jacksonville. I really wanted Bop to hear first hand how easy his journey was and how much it changed his life. But yesterday, I found a package on my stoop and turns out, Papa ordered it for us instead! I'm so unbelievably happy and so isn't Papa! He's such an inspirational man and we simply cannot wait to divulge into this book.

I'll let you know what I think!


  1. Veganism is awesome! I looooove (d) it. I plan on going back to it once I'm done breastfeeding. I'm so stoked for you and your lil family!

    1. Really?! I'm so excited that you enjoyed it. Any recipes or cooking secrets you'd like to share? You can email them to me at fortsawyer@gmail.com! I'd appreciate it, wholeheartedly.